Landing Page Now Live!

As I stated before, I switched from WordPress to Nikola but I lost the landing/home page that I had. It's something that I feel a website needs. I tired to use Gandi's free web page hosting service and I was able to create a page but not having it live. I think it's due to Gandi updating their services from v4 to v5. Due to this, I asked a few people and decided to follow what Aaron Honeycutt did for his landing page. I made some changes though which are the color scheme to match the logo's, made the text to suit my liking, and added a link to my Ubuntu Wiki page.

Like Aaron, I'm using Linode for server hosting. Again, Gandi's Simple Hosting is not being nice.

Hopefully this is the last major change I do for my site.

Edit to Add: I removed the link to the landing page but it's, just Copy and Paste it. Gandi's sever hosting is pricey and I would rather pay $7 a month than like $10+.